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Get these fantabulous goodies to help you improve your business’s online presence, so you can:

Get more customers!

Make more profit!

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Ridiculously Easy-Peasy SEO for Beginners


You say: “SEO is hard! I don’t even know where to start!” or “I can’t afford to spend $$$ on an SEO expert” or “SE-what?”

Fret no longer! By the end of this mini-course, you’ll have an understanding of Search Engine Optimization and feel confident to implement SEO on your website, ALL BY YOURSELF! A workbook with clear action steps is included.

You’ll be sayin’: “SE-Oh yeah!”

Ridiculously Easy-Peasy SEO for Beginners mini-course title image on laptop

$57  $37

What Does It Mean to Have a Legally Compliant Website? – The No-Sweat Guide


Ridiculously Easy-Peasy SEO for Beginners mini-course title image on laptop

You may have heard all the fuss about GDPR, CCPA and other laws and regulations that are becoming more common in order to protect consumers and web users. What does that mean for you, as a website owner?

Don’t shake in your boots! This guide explains the basics of website compliance clearly so that you’ll have a better understanding. It also answers some common questions and shows you what steps you can take toward having a compliant website.

I’m not an attorney, so this is not legal advice.

$17  $9

Simple-As-Pie Guide to Website Accessibility

PDF Worksheet

Website accessibility doesn’t apply to your site, right? Wrong! Everyone who has a website should try to make their site accessible for people with various disabilities. Not to mention that you could be losing out on potential customers.

This guide will explain what accessibility means in the online world, and give you a checklist of changes that you can easily implement on your website.

Ridiculously Easy-Peasy SEO for Beginners mini-course title image on laptop

$17  $9

Super-Duper Website Assessment


2 papers showing results of a website assessment and recommendations

Wondering why your website isn’t bringing you more sales? You thought you set it up right and added good copy (aka wording) and images. But did you? Or maybe you just want to know how to improve it.

I’ll take a professional look at your website and give you a checklist of what can be done to improve it for conversions (aka sales), and what you’re already doing well.

If you decide that you don’t want to make the improvements yourself, and would like to hire my services, I’ll apply the cost of the assessment to your investment.

$147  $97

The Small Business Website Trifecta

Bundle of three products

In this bundle, you get:


  • Ridiculously Easy-Peasy SEO for Beginners
  • What Does It Mean to Have a Legally Compliant Website? – The No-Sweat Guide
  • The Simple-As-Pie Guide to Website Accessibility
Ridiculously Easy-Peasy SEO for Beginners mini-course title image on laptop

Regular Price:  $91

Black Friday Sale Price:  $55

BF Bundle Price:  $47

Black Friday Deals

on Tools & Resources I Love

Choosing the right tools to run your business can be overwhelming. Don’t fret; I’m here to help!

The best tool for the job is rarely free or cheap. Free or cheap can often bring problems, causing you to regret having saved a few bucks. Your time is priceless!

I’ve curated this collection of tools that will help to save you time, help you get more clients or both.

I’ll be adding more deals in the next few days as I find them.

Some of the links below are referral links* (see below). 

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Premio Plugins

Grow your WordPress, Shopify, and Wix websites with their plugins. One I love is Folders for WordPress, to organize images and other uploads. I love it! Their prices are great even without a sale.

Black Friday deal: 40% OFF on all of Premio’s WordPress Plugins

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Naima Sheikh

Naima is a Digital Strategy Consultant who helps experts create digital products and the systems to deliver them, without the stress, hours and drama of their old corporate days. She has some awesome courses and a membership that is amazing!

Black Friday deal: Several deals

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Josh Hall

Josh is a web design business master! He has courses on how to run a successful web design business, Divi, CSS and more. He also has a web design business coaching club that’s well worth joining.

Black Friday deal: All courses 25% off

*”Referral links” just means that I’ll receive a small commission as a thank you from the companies for referring customers to them. If you sign up through these links, it won’t cost you any more than signing up directly. However, my recommendations have nothing to do with commissions – these are tools that I use and have found helpful, or my colleagues use. You won’t find certain companies on my tools list just because they pay a high affiliate commission (“Ahem, hosting that rhymes with glue boast – you won’t be recommended by ME!”).