Website Design & Development

How much will it cost to get a website for my business?

The price to design and develop your website will be determined based on the needs of your individual business. Every website is unique and requires different components; I design and develop custom websites specifically for your small business needs. I’ll ask a lot of questions, assess your needs, and give you a quote based on that assessment.

With me, your investment for a quality website can vary from $3,500 to $10,000 and up, depending on the complexity and functionality you need.

I’ve received quotes much lower or higher than yours. How can there be such a large difference?

Shopping for a new website can be confusing. Pricing can depend on what features your business needs or the experience level of the designer/developer. Does the quote include SEO? Security features? Ownership of the website?

I try to provide the most long term value and return on investment for small businesses at a reasonable price, rather than to give you a subpar website at a cheap price. I would like to build a relationship with you and be there for you for the long haul.

Do your websites work on mobile devices (are they responsive)?

Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial today. Every website I create will be optimized for desktop, tablet and phone layouts.

Will I have any input during the process?

Of course! This is your baby! I’ll regularly keep in touch with you along the way, and you get to approve the design and features. I want you to be happy!

Do you offer any other services?

Yes, just ask! I have many years of experience and a multitude of skills. If you need a service that I don’t specialize in, I may be able to direct you to an expert in my network who can help you out.